Halloween Events & Activities in Oklahoma City, OK, 2019

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Check out these Halloween events and activities available in Oklahoma City, OK, in 2019. Let’s see what you can find around your city.

 Boy holding large pumpkin next to pumpkin stackWhat to do for Halloween in 2019?

Check out Fright Fest at Frontier City Theme Park on October 28th at 6 p.m. Who wouldn’t want to go to a theme park decked out in Halloween spirit?

The Sanctuary Haunted Attraction has escape rooms and is open on Thursday through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Orr Family Farm has plenty of activities like Farm After Dark, Trick Orr Treat at the Farm, both happening tomorrow, October 26th, as well as a pumpkin festival on November 2nd.

Zombie Apocalypse Paintball is another Orr Family Farm event, but we thought it deserved a spot of its own since this is a hayride…that you shoot zombies from. How great is that?

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What’s the best Honda vehicle for the zombie apocalypse?

What vehicle will you drive during the zombie apocalypse? There are a few Honda vehicles we’d recommend. You’ll need something with either 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, that stands higher off the ground, so you don’t get zombie guts in your undercarriage, but also has a higher gas mileage so you don’t need to face the danger of refueling in more populated areas.

We’d recommend 3 Honda vehicles:

Model Upsides Downsides
Honda Civic Hatchback ·       High fuel economy

·       Plenty of cargo space to carry essential gear with you

·       Hatchback makes it easy to move items in/out

·       Stands low to the ground
Honda Ridgeline ·       High ground clearance

·       Towing Capacity

·       Truck bed can be used for multiple purposes in your zombie-killing escapades

·       Powerful engine


·       Lower fuel economy


Honda Passport ·       Nice balance of space and power

·       Cargo space is impressive

·       Off-road capability

·       Plenty of room for other apocalypse survivors

·       Higher ground clearance

·       Lower fuel economy

Find new Honda vehicles in Oklahoma City

Are you looking for the perfect model for your Halloween adventures? You might just find it here at Battison Honda! We have spacious SUVs like the 2020 Honda CR-V, nimble sedans like the 2020 Honda Civic, and everything in between! Come to us to find your future vehicle today.

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