2019 Honda Odyssey LX vs 2019 Toyota Sienna L

2019 Honda Odyssey exterior front fascia and drivers side on road with trees vs 2019 Toyota Sienna exterior back fascia and driver side outside in snow

If you are looking for your next family vehicle, you probably have the 2019 Honda Odyssey and the 2019 Toyota Sienna on your list. But which of these quality vehicles suits your family’s needs best? That’s what we are here to find out! Check out the table below, where we compare these two models to each other in order to see which one you might want to take for a test drive.

You can see immediately that the fuel economy of both vehicles are pretty similar, with the only difference being the highway fuel economy* of the Honda Odyssey LX in the highway, where it gets 1 mile per gallon more than the Toyota Sienna L. Despite the quick similarity between the two, there are plenty of other features to entice you to the Odyssey. Continue reading for a further look at the Odyssey, or just take a look at the table for a quick summary. For this comparison, we took the features of the 2019 Odyssey LX and the 2019 Sienna L, which are the base trims for both vehicles. Let’s begin!

2019 Honda Odyssey LX


2019 Toyota Sienna L

19/28 Fuel Economy 19/27
Standard Active Head restraints n/a
Optional Electronic Parking Assist n/a
Standard Floor Mats Optional
Standard Stereo anti-theft n/a
144.9 cu. ft. Max Cargo Space 150 cu. ft.
Optional (accessory) Trailer Hitch n/a
Optional (accessory Roof Rack n/a
Optional (accessory) Towing Pre-wiring n/a
Available on other trims Cooled/Ventilated seats n/a
Standard Hill Start Assist n/.a

Advantages of the 2019 Honda Odyssey

If you are looking for your next family vehicle, you’ll probably want some common features, including a variety of safety technologies, comfort features, and plenty of cargo space. The Honda Odyssey carries many of these features. This includes safety features like Hill Start Assist, Electronic Parking Assist, and the Active Head Restraints, both of which can potentially help you keep your passengers safer than they would be without these features.

Even if your family doesn’t go on many adventures, you’ll still probably find dirt and debris on the floor of your vehicle. Now, you can help protect the floors with the standard floor mats. If you do have many trips or sporting activities, you’ll actually find a bit less cargo space inside the Odyssey than in the Sienna. However, the Odyssey offers not only a roof rack, but a trailer hitch and towing pre-wiring for you to expand your cargo options. These are features you can’t find in the Toyota Sienna. So, even though you’ll need to select these accessory features, they can come in handy.

Want to take a look at the 2019 Honda Odyssey for yourself? Come on over to Battison Honda today! You can see the other features we weren’t able to tell you about in one small table.

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