Here’s what you could expect to pay out-of-pocket, without protection provided by the Smart Autocare Five Star Vehicle Service Agreement.



ENGINE Crankshaft and bearings; connecting rods and bearings; thrust bearings and shims; pistons and piston rings; wrist pins; timing gears; timing belt or chain; timing belt tensioner; crankshaft pulley; harmonic balancer; oil pump; oil pump pressure relief valve and spring; oil dipstick; camshaft and bearings; lifters; pushrods; rocker arms; rocker arm shafts; cam followers; lash adjusters; intake and exhaust valves; valve springs; replaceable valve guides; balance shaft and bearings; water pump; exhaust manifold; intake manifold; and valve covers. Engine block and cylinder heads are only covered if damage resulted from the failure of an above listed covered part. Diesel Engine: All of the above listed parts including diesel injection pump, injectors and vacuum pump. (Factory Installed) Internally lubricated parts including bearings, turbine and turbine shaft. Turbocharger/Supercharger housings are only covered if damaged as the result of the failure of an internally lubricated part. TURBOCHARGER/SUPERCHARGER Automatic: Torque converter; flexplate; front pump; planetary gear set; direct clutch; forward clutch; low and reverse clutch; clutch apply pistons; internal sealing rings; input and output shafts; roller clutches; bands; check balls; band apply servo; drums; center support; governor assembly; vacuum modulator; valve body; stator and stator shaft; bushings; pressure regulator valve; bearings; and electronic shift control unit. Transmission case is covered if damage resulted from the failure of an above listed covered component. Manual: Internal gears; shafts; bearings; bushings; input and output shafts; counter shaft; synchronizers and sleeves; detent balls; thrust washers; shift forks; levers; collars and springs. Transmission case is only covered if damaged as the result of the failure of an internally lubricated part. TRANSMISSION Internal gears; mainshaft; countershaft; input and output shafts; bearings and spacers; shift forks; synchronizers and sleeves; springs and viscous coupling. Transfer case is covered if damage resulted from the failure of an above listed covered component. TRANSFER CASE Axle shafts; axle bearings; drive shafts; universal joints; constant velocity joints (unless damaged by the failure of a leaking CV boot or lack of lube); ring & pinion gears; spider gears; carrier assembly; bearings and shims; center support bearing; locking hubs; 4 wheel drive actuator. DRIVE AXLE (FRONT/REAR WHEEL DRIVE) Power steering pump; rack and pinion gear and steering gearbox. STEERING Alternator; voltage regulator; starter motor; starter solenoid and starter drive; turn signal switch; stop lamp switch; ignition switch; wiper switch; washer pump and switch; headlamp switch; defroster switch and blower speed switch. Enhanced Electrical: Power window motors; power door lock actuators; power door lock switches; window regulator; wiper motor; wiper switch and window switch. ELECTRICAL Air conditioner compressor; clutch and pulley; evaporator; condenser; expansion valve; and blower motor. Accumulator/drier and orifice tubes are only covered in connection with replacement of an above listed component and only if they have failed. AIR CONDITIONING Electric and mechanical fuel pumps; fuel pressure regulator; fuel tank sending unit; metal fuel lines and fuel tank. FUEL DELIVERY Electric fan motor and fan clutch and heater control valve. COOLING SYSTEM EGR purge valve/solenoids/sensors; vacuum canister; vapor return canister; vapor return lines/valves; air pump/lines/valves; emission vapor sensors. EMISSIONS Seals and Gaskets of covered components designed to prevent the loss of necessary coolants, lubricants and fluids are covered. Coverage will expire when your vehicle reaches 150,000 miles as indicated on your odometer or the expiration of the term of this Agreement, whichever occurs first. After 150,000 miles seals and gaskets will be covered only if required in conjunction with a covered repair. SEALS & GASKETS BRAKES Master cylinder; wheel cylinders; disc brake calipers; vacuum assist booster; proportioning valve; hydraulic lines and fittings. HERE’S WHAT’S COVERED Upper and lower control arms; control arm shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; king pins and wheel bearings. FRONT & REAR SUSPENSION A Vehicle Service Agreement can save you a significant amount of money on auto repairs by covering repairs and replacement parts beyond the terms of a factory warranty. The Smart Autocare Five Star Vehicle Service Program is a comprehensive warranty that provides your vehicle with complete protection, and offers you and your family the convenience and security of knowing your vehicle can be repaired without emptying your wallet. FLEXIBILITY Everyone’s vehicle needs are different and that’s why the Smart Autocare Five Star Vehicle Service Agreement offers several term options that work for you, ranging from 12 to 48 months. The program provides you with first day coverage, meaning your coverage and benefits begin the moment you drive off the lot, and a low $100 deductible so you can afford to get back on the road. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS • Towing Assistance • Flat Tire Assistance • Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service • Lock-out Assistance • Battery Assistance 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance including the following coverage