2022 Honda Accord vs. 2022 Toyota Camry

Comparison image of the 2022 Honda Accord and the 2022 Toyota Camry

There are only a few sedans on the market that could compete as closely as the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. Both the cars bring a flurry of performance, safety, and technology features to the table and come through for you on various occasions. However, a head-to-head comparison of these two sedans will reveal that the Toyota Camry falls behind the curve and loses in a few segments to the Honda Accord. The Honda Accord, with its brilliant interior and technology features, emerges as the clear winner. If you have been in two minds regarding the sedan you should pick, our model comparison between the 2022 Honda Accord and the 2022 Toyota Camry might just be all that you need to read today. Head over to Battison Honda to shop for the Honda Accord of your choice and drive through the streets of Oklahoma City, OK, in joy and gusto.

2022 Honda Accord Sport SE


2022 Toyota Camry SE

105.6 cubic-feet Passenger Space 100.4 cubic-feet
40.4 inches Rear Legroom 38.0 inches
Standard Heated Front Seats Available
Standard Walk Away Auto Lock® Not Available

How Does the 2022 Honda Accord Beat the 2022 Toyota Camry?

The comparison chart between the 2022 Honda Accord and the 2022 Toyota Camry brings forth a few very crucial points to take note of. From its interior features to the comfort quotient, the 2022 Honda Accord scores high in every possible segment. The available leather-trimmed seats on the 2022 Honda Accord dial up the comfort quotient and also accentuate the styling and elegance of the sedan. The 2022 Toyota Camry does not come with leather-trimmed seating, which thus, makes the 2022 Accord the more obvious choice between the two.

The 2022 Honda Accord also has more passenger space and rear legroom, as is evident from the comparison chart. You can stretch out and relax your muscles a bit on those long rides, far more than what you could have done on the Camry.

That said, if you are convinced of the 2022 Honda Accord’s performance and advanced technology features, head straight to Battison Honda for a test drive and become a proud owner of this spectacular sedan.