2023 Honda Civic Type R in Oklahoma City, OK

2023 Honda Civic Type R at sunset

Power-specked to the core, the upcoming 2023 Civic Type R is the most potent civic sedan that Honda has ever produced. Brimming with on-track performance elements, the 2023 Civic Type R is one of a kind that is built to satiate your enthralling driving senses.

At Battison Honda in Oklahoma City, OK, we explore the characteristics and specs of the 2023 Civic Type R to give you an overview of what to expect when the model is available for sale. Scroll down to learn more.

What Makes the 2023 Civic Type R Stand Out?

The prime element being the turbocharged 2L Inline 4-cylinder engine adding to a horsepower of 315 and a torque of 315 pound-feet, the new Civic Type R guarantees stunning acceleration and improved performance with its six-speed manual transmission. Designated to be agile and versatile to the terrain it's traveling in, the new Civic Type R has a four-mode driving configuration, namely +R, Individual, Sport, and Comfort modes specific for remarkable performance on the track or roads. Additionally, real-time and after-drive feedback will be facilitated by an advanced Honda LogR® datalogger, set to pick up the minute mechanical details.

Design-wise, the Civic Type R features an improved rear spoiler and diffuser to help increase the downforce and control the air resistance while accelerating. Along with them, the new Michelin® Pilot Sport 4S tires and reverse-rim wheels aid in stability during high-speed cornering on the roads. The premium interior cabin comprises signature red sports seats and original aluminum accents.

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