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Did you know women spend $300 billion annually on new and used car purchases, maintenance, repairs and service? (Road & Track Magazine, Female Buyer Study) Did you know that women comprise just over 51% of the U.S population, yet they control over $6 trillion in buying power annually (Bureau of Economic Analysis) Women purchase 60% of all new and used automobiles, and they influence over 85% of all car purchases. (J.D. Power & Associates)

We also know that nine out of 10 women say they believe that car dealers and repair shops treat them differently because they are women, and the difference is seldom positive. (Car Care Council Survey)

Did you know that the majority of our customers are female?

It has always been our dealership philosophy to treat every one of our customers with the respect and attention they deserve. The reality is that a lot of our female customers prefer to deal with our female staff. We don't mind at all! Your comfort level and continued business support is what keeps us in business! 

If you would like to not just talk to whoever greets you at the door and would like to have your sales experience facilitated by our fantastic female staff members simply call them at 405-495-5800 and ask for them by name!


Text Us (405) 510-0353

Text Us (405) 510-0353