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Have Fun on Mother’s Day Weekend with Mom!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
mother holding her son with a somewhat desert background

Are you looking for a special event for the special Mom in your life? Brunch and flowers are time-honored choices for Mother’s Day, but this year why not give Mom the gift of your time with one of these Mother’s Day 2018 festivals and events around Oklahoma City OK. We wanted to include the coolest, all-day activities, so some of these are farther away from us here in OKC, but all of them are worth the time. (more…)

Easter 2018 Brunch in Oklahoma City OK

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
words "Find Easter Brunch" with a background of food

This year Easter falls on April 1. That may also be April Fool’s Day, but OKC restaurants and venues aren’t joking around when it comes to brunch. Not every restaurant will be open on this holiday, but many that are will be offering an extensive or special Easter brunch menu. Check out our top choices for Easter brunch 2018 in Oklahoma City Ok below, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you know of other great options folks should know about! (more…)

Get Your Green and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in OKC

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
view of the back of the heads of two women with green bows in their hair for St. Patrick's Day

Whether they are block parties, parades, or festivals of Irish culture, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations offer a great time to get green, get out, and have an excellent time. In this blog we are going to look at St. Patrick’s Day parades 2018 in Oklahoma City OK and other great events to celebrate this day. Because March 17 is a Saturday in 2018 people will be able to even celebrate on the holiday itself. (more…)

Find the Perfect Activity to Celebrate with Your Valentine This Year

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
red candy heart background with "Valentine's Day 2018 Date Ideas OKC" over the top

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, dinner and some fun with your sweetheart is the traditional offering, but there are so many other options. This year, make the day especially special with these Valentine’s Day 2018 date ideas near Oklahoma City OK that can be a lot of fun and a unique experience for you and your loved one. We’ve tried to include a wide range of food and entertainment options but be sure to let us know in the comments if there is something else that we should absolutely add! (more…)

Explore the Best Light Shows 2017 in Oklahoma City OK

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
words "Best OKC Light Shows" with a background of a house lit for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, which means that homes, neighborhoods and businesses are getting in the holiday spirit with a plethora of Christmas light shows. OKC is no exception. While there are great Christmas light displays everywhere (and maybe even in your own backyard) if you want a different full display and a party atmosphere you should check out our top three choices for the best light shows 2017 in Oklahoma City OK. (more…)

Order a Thanksgiving Feast from One of These OKC Restaurants

Friday, November 10th, 2017
the words Happy Thanksgiving with a wood-pattern and leaves background

Last year we wrote about some of the delicious Thanksgiving buffets you could enjoy around OKC. While most of those locations should still be offering a sit-down feast, maybe what you are looking for this year is delicious meal at home…that you don’t have to cook. That is why we are focusing on where to order Thanksgiving 2017 take-home meals in Oklahoma City OK. Keep reading to check out our top choices. (more…)

Celebrate Halloween with the Whole Family in OKC

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
2017 Halloween Events for Kids in Oklahoma City OK

Halloween can be a scary time. While that can be great for adults and older children, sometimes it’s good to leave the frights at home and just have a fun time with candy and costumes. In this blog, we are offering a few 2017 Halloween events for kids in Oklahoma City OK. Each of these happens in a non-terror environment, but we tried to find some of the coolest events that offer something interesting for parents too. (more…)

Oktoberfest Celebrations 2017 in Oklahoma

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
Oktoberfest Celebrations 2017 in Oklahoma

When it comes to celebrating German culture with dancing, food, music, and, of course, beer, there is no better place to go than an Oktoberfest. Ranging from early September to all the way in early December in some areas, these celebrations of all things German and Germanic can be a lot of fun, and a way to learn about different cultures (and, you know, eat and drink many different delicious things). In this blog we wanted to look at a few Oktoberfest celebrations 2017 in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, this blog is too late for the Choctaw Oktoberfest that wrapped up on Sept. 9, 2017, but there are still a few excellent festivals on their way for the state of Oklahoma. (more…)

Celebrate the last days of summer and Labor Day around OKC

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
Labor Day Weekend 2017 Events and Festivals near Oklahoma City OK

Labor Day Weekend 2017 Events and Festivals near Oklahoma City OK

Summer is moving by faster than any of us may like, which means that Labor Day is right around the corner. How are you going to celebrate this last long weekend before the back to school season fully kicks in? We have found a few Labor Day weekend 2017 events and festivals near Oklahoma City OK that may be exactly what you are looking for. (more…)

Celebrate the 2017 Solar Eclipse in the OKC area!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
silhouette of a family looking at a solar eclipse

Where can I view the solar eclipse 2017 in Oklahoma City OK?

This year’s total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 is going to be one of the biggest astronomical events of the year. Crossing the United States from Oregon all the way down to South Carolina, this is the first eclipse event visible in the continental United States since 1979, and first one to run from coast to coast since 1918. Areas of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina will be able to experience a total eclipse of the sun. However, if you are asking “Where can I view the solar eclipse 2017 in Oklahoma City OK?” we will not be able to see the totality. However, Oklahoma City will be able to see up to 87 percent of the sun covered up in this eclipse at approximately 1:05 pm. Learn more about this, and what places may be offering special events, below.