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2021 Honda Odyssey Receives Design Update, Interior Upgrades, and More

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
Grey 2021 Honda Odyssey Driving

2021 Honda Odyssey Updates and Feature Upgrades 

The 2021 Honda Odyssey is set to debut at this year’s New York International Auto show. Guests in attendance can anticipate seeing the first full reveal of the 2021 Odyssey and all of its upgrades and feature updates. This guide from Battison Honda is going to give you a look at what kind of fresh style updates and feature upgrades the 2021 Odyssey is bringing to the table. Keep reading to learn more.  


Exterior Color Options Lineup for 2020 Honda Odyssey

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
Silver 2020 Honda Odyssey Elite driving

What Colors Does the 2020 Honda Odyssey Come In? 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new family vehicle, one thing that may have come to mind was the question of which color option you will go with. Maybe you want a blue van or maybe a red SUV, but picking a color is just as crucial as picking the vehicle itself. The 2020 Honda Odyssey not only delivers ample interior space for large families and impressive gas mileage to get you where you need to go, but it also comes in an attractive lineup of color options. Get a look at what colors the 2020 Honda Odyssey comes in below and be sure to head over to our online inventory to view our lineup of in-stock Odyssey models at Battison Honda in Oklahoma City, OK.  


How Fuel Efficient is the 2020 Honda Odyssey?

Friday, January 3rd, 2020
Side view of 2020 Honda Odyssey

2020 Honda Odyssey Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

Not only is the 2020 Honda Odyssey a great fit for families on the go, but it provides a notable fuel economy in every model. The fuel-efficient 2020 Odyssey helps keep drivers and their families on the road longer, making road trips and daily commutes a breeze. Keep reading this guide from Battison Honda for a breakdown of the 2020 Honda Odyssey engine specs and fuel economy.   (more…)

Learn a little more about the 2020 vehicles available in our showroom

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Which 2020 Honda models are for sale near Oklahoma City?

Honda has started shipping several 2020 models to dealerships around the country, including Battison Honda. If you’re getting ready to start the process for buying or leasing a new vehicle, you might be wondering, ‘Which 2020 Honda models are for sale near Oklahoma City?’ Our team of product experts understands just how difficult it can be to get all of this information into one place. They used some of their precious free time to highlight some of the 2020 Honda vehicles that have already arrived at our showroom. Many of these 2020 vehicles have picked up some important upgrades, but all of them remain strong competitors in their individual segments of the automotive industry. Schedule a test drive with any of these 2020 Honda vehicles today by calling, 405-495-5800. (more…)

Battison Honda Welcomes 2020 Honda models in Oklahoma City

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
2020 Honda Odyssey exterior front fascia and passenger side in front of lake

That’s right, your friendly Battison Honda already has some of the 2020 Honda models right here in Oklahoma City for you to peruse. Don’t miss out on your chance to own the newest of the Honda models – call us today! (more…)

What are the color options for the 2019 Honda Odyssey?

Thursday, July 18th, 2019
2019 Honda Odyssey exterior front fascia and drivers side going fast on ocean side highway

Even with the rise of other models, minivans are still pretty popular family vehicles here in Oklahoma City. Included in the minivan lineup is the 2019 Honda Odyssey. While most of the perks of the Odyssey come from the space and safety it provides, there are some rather fun perks as well, such as the 8 different color options! Let’s check out what color interests you. (more…)

Safe Seating for All Ages in the Honda Odyssey

Friday, August 24th, 2018
2019 Honda Odyssey on the road, side view

Is it easy to put a car seat in the Honda Odyssey?

Minivans are, by their nature, family haulers. The Honda Odyssey is no exception. This minivan has up to eight passenger seating (with seven-passenger seating in some trims). That is great for adults and older kids, but is it easy to put a car seat in the Honda Odyssey? Thanks to LATCH technology and the care of the engineers at Honda, this minivan offers easy car seat installation. (more…)

2018 Accord and 2018 Odyssey Offer Space, Features for Families

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018
2018 Odyssey and 2018 Accord Offer Value for Families with blurred people in the background

There are plenty of family-friendly Honda models, but in this blog we wanted to focus on two that are designed for differently-sized families, and different needs. Both the 2018 Honda Accord and the 2018 Honda Odyssey offer comfortable seating, attractive family-friendly features, and confident driving that can make both parents and kids smile. The real question comes down to: is a minivan or a car right for your family? Keep reading to check out some of the similarities and differences between these models. (more…)

Technology-Packed Honda Odyssey Returns for 2019

Thursday, April 19th, 2018
2019 Honda Odyssey driving on a curvy road

The 2019 Honda Odyssey arrival date in Oklahoma City OK should be right around the corner, which is getting us more excited to welcome this family-friendly minivan to the lot here at Battison Honda. All models of this people-hauler will come with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that offers 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque and will come at a competitive price point. (more…)

Is the 2018 Pilot or Odyssey the Best Fit for Your Family?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
side by side images of a maroon 2018 Honda Odyssey and a silver 2018 Honda Pilot

Different families have different transportation needs. Smaller families might find their match in a well-equipped sedan like the 2018 Honda Accord. But when it comes to large family transportation, should parents opt for an attractive crossover like the 2018 Honda Pilot or a technology-laden minivan like the 2018 Honda Odyssey? We are going to compare the 2018 Honda Odyssey vs the 2018 Honda Pilot to see which one is the best fit for families. (more…)

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