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How much can fit in the 2018 Accord?

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

The new Accord is turning heads with its attractive engine options and enhancements when compared to the 2017 model. However, when it comes to shopping for a midsize sedan, one question that families and individuals often have is “How much stuff can I fit in it?” In this blog we are going to explore 2018 Honda Accord trunk space and passenger room to see if there is enough for car shoppers needs. (more…)

What’s the difference between the 2017 and 2018 Accord?

Friday, August 11th, 2017
2018 Honda Accord vs 2017 Honda Accord

The 2017 Honda Accord, a midsize vehicle available in coupe or sedan body styles, has long been a good choice for families and individuals. However, with the announcement of the tenth-generation 2018 Honda Accord, here at Battison Honda we are even more excited about the possibilities of this new model. In this 2018 Honda Accord vs 2017 Honda Accord comparison, we are going to look at some of the key differences between these two models. (more…)

Less Weight, More Space on the New Accord!

Monday, July 17th, 2017
2018 Honda Accord Design Changes

The new 2018 Honda Accord was unveiled later last week. After some early teaser information about the new powertrain options that will be coming on this vehicle, we had high expectations for the design and technology of the 2018 Honda Accord. It did not disappoint. Drivers looking for advances in handling, technology, and good looks will be pleased with 2018 Honda Accord design changes and enhancements. (more…)

10th Generation Honda Accord Features New Powertrain Options

Friday, June 9th, 2017
2018 Honda Accord Release Date

A new Honda Accord is a midsize vehicle that can offer families and individuals alike engaging driving and generous interior space. This vehicle has enjoyed excellent sales in the United States in recent years. However, Honda is not about to rest on this model’s laurels! The new 10th generation Honda Accord, redesigned from the ground up to deliver an even more attractive driving experience, has just been announced! Learn more about the 2018 Honda Accord release date and new powertrain options below. (more…)

Which Sedan is Perfect for Your Life?

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
civic vs accord

2017 Honda Civic vs 2017 Honda Accord

There are a lot of sedans on today’s market, not just between brands but within each brand lineup as well. While this is done to provide drivers with a model that is tailored to their needs, a little help figuring out which model that is can be helpful. When it comes to Honda’s sedan lineup, the brand provides drivers with two gas-powered options, the Civic and the Accord. Each model offers the high quality expected of a Honda but with a few differences that make each ideal for different purposes. (more…)

Where Is the Rearview Camera on a Honda Car?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
Which Honda Vehicles Have a Rearview Camera?

When it comes to safety features, one of the most common is a rearview camera. This advantage allows drivers to see what is behind their vehicle, and avoid hitting or running over anything. It can also simplify parking. Many Honda vehicles come standard with a rearview camera that can help individual and families back up and park with ease. On most Honda vehicles, the rearview camera is located on the rear, just beneath the overhang of the liftgate or trunk and above the license plate. Learn more about this technology and which Honda vehicles have a rearview camera below. (more…)

Is the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan or Coupe Right for You?

Friday, December 16th, 2016
2017 Honda Accord Sedan vs 2017 Honda Accord Coupe

The Honda Accord is one of our favorite vehicles here at Battison Honda. We believe that this midsize car in sedan or coupe form can well serve families or individuals looking for a comfortable and well-equipped vehicle. This car comes in four-door sedan and two-door coupe body styles. Which one is best for you? Keep reading to see some of the differences between these two body styles in this 2017 Honda Accord Sedan vs 2017 Honda Accord Coupe comparison. (more…)

2017 Honda Accord Safety Features

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016
What Safety Features Are On the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan?

What Safety Features Are On the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan?

Busy families in the market for a midsize sedan are looking for space, comfort, and  technology, but safety is also bound to be a major priority. Fortunately, the 2017 Honda Accord offers multiple safety features in every trim. If you are wondering what safety features are on the 2017 Honda Accord sedan, just keep reading for an overview. (more…)

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Honda Vehicles

Monday, November 7th, 2016
What Honda Vehicles Have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Wondering what Honda vehicles have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? Honda was one of the very first vehicle manufacturers to start including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone compatibility back in the 2016 model year, and the number of high-quality Honda vehicles available with this smartphone compatibility feature is growing rapidly. Learn what Honda vehicles have this app compatibility below! (more…)

What’s New on the 2017 Honda Accord?

Thursday, October 27th, 2016
What's New on the 2017 Honda Accord

Car shoppers looking for a high-quality midsize sedan have long been satisfied by the excellent feature options, powertrain capability of the Honda Accord. The new model year isn’t bringing a ton of changes, but there are a couple model changes on the 2017 Honda Accord vs 2016 Honda Accord worth mentioning. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new on the 2017 Honda Accord. (more…)