Which GPS App Should I Use on My Road Trip?

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5 Best Smartphone GPS and Navigation Apps 

Getting from point A to point B on your next road trip may seem easy enough, but without a reliable GPS on hand it can be easy to stray off course. That is why our team at Battison Honda has compiled a list of the 5 best smartphone GPS and navigation apps. Use one of these top apps on your next adventure to keep your road trip from getting off course.

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Top Navigation Apps for Smartphones 

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  • OsmAnd – OsmAnd is an offline navigation smartphone app that offers traditional turn-by-turn navigation, driving routes, day/night mode, and more. This navigation app is perfect for driving, walking, and cycling around town.  
  • Scout GPS Navigation – Scout isn’t just a navigation app but a social app too. Inside the Scout app users can connect with friends to share locations, meet-up spots, share ETAs, and more.
  • Maps.Me – Maps.Me offers offline map access with turn-by-turn navigation. Users can check out ready-made travel guides with points of interest and trip planning options all in one place. From shopping centers to hiking trails to tourist attractions, Maps.Me makes sure users never miss their destination. 
  • Google Maps – The Google Maps app continues to be a go-to navigation and GPS app for smartphone users everywhere. Google Maps offers navigation through over 220 countries with real-time traffic and transit information at the ready.  
  • Waze – Waze provides the best route every time. The Waze navigation app offers real-time traffic, police, construction, and accident information to help you stay on your best route possible. If you run into busy traffic, Waze will reroute you, so you always show up on time. Waze even lets users customize the app’s voice guidance by recording their own voice.  

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When setting out on your next road trip be sure you have the best navigation or GPS app in hand. Check out each of these 5 smartphone GPS apps to find the one that fits your next adventure best. Are you in the market for a new adventure-ready vehicle? Head over to the Battison Honda inventory to view our current lineup of in-stock vehicles today.  

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