CabinWatch™ is Intuitive and Parent Friendly

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Odyssey, Technology on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 9:48 pm
view of the Honda CabinWatch™ display at night

We’ve written about Honda CabinWatch™ before, both when the 2018 Honda Odyssey was first announced and later when we wanted to explore more of its technology features. At that time we had a very general idea of how the system worked, and what commands it would require. We are delighted to say, now that the new Honda Odyssey is available on our lot here at Battison Honda, that the system is as user-friendly as we expected! Honda has even issued a helpful video. Check out the step-by-step instructions for using Honda CabinWatch™ below in written or embedded video format.

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Step-By-Step Instructions for Using Honda CabinWatch™

Drivers can access the CabinWatch™ feature from the Home screen of the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Drivers or passengers may have to scroll a little to find the appropriate application, but just touching the icon that looks like a video camera will immediately open up the CabinWatch™ display on the central touchscreen.

The default CabinWatch™ view will show both rear seats, and also provide a clear look at the rear-facing child seat if installed in the second row.

Zooming In

If you want to get a better view of children or passengers in the back seat, the CabinWatch™ system has a pinch to zoom feature. Double tapping on the screen or a pinching motion (like you would use with a smartphone touchscreen) gives you the ability to zoom in.

Can I use CabinTalk™ while using CabinWatch™?

CabinTalk™ on the Honda Odyssey is just as easy to use as CabinWatch™. Like CabinWatch™, CabinTalk™ can be activated by navigating to the correct icon on the home screen. When the CabinWatch™ system is activated, CabinTalk™ is an option right in the lower left corner. If front seat parents notice something happening in the rear seat that needs to be addressed, or just want to announce a stop for lunch, they can easily make themselves heard in the rear two rows either through the Odyssey’s headphones or the rear speakers available in some trims.

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