Honda CabinControl® App for 2021 Honda Odyssey

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Odyssey, Technology, Tips and Tricks on Thursday, January 28th, 2021 at 6:56 am
Person holding phone with Honda CabinControl® app on screen in 2021 Honda Odyssey

What Does the Honda CabinControl® App Do? 

The 2021 Honda Odyssey, and some previous generation Odyssey models, comes equipped with Honda CabinControl® app compatibility. This app allows in-car riders to control certain features within the Odyssey from their smart devices. Honda CabinControl® puts various aspects of the Odyssey into the hands of passengers, giving up to seven riders control over audio, climate, and entertainment features.  

Now you might be wondering what all the Honda CabinControl® app can do and how exactly you can use it. This Honda CabinControl® app guide from Battison Honda is here to give you the steps you need to get started with the CabinControl® app, how to use it, and more.  

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Connecting to Honda CabinControl® System 

The Honda CabinControl® app is available on Android and iOS devices. The easy pairing options allow passengers to quickly connect their smart device to the Honda CabinControl® system. Up to seven passengers at once can be connected to the vehicle’s system. Check out the videos below to see how easy connecting to the Honda CabinControl® system is. 

How to Connect Apple and Android Devices to Honda CabinControl® 

What Can the Honda CabinControl® App Do? 

The Honda CabinControl® app gives passengers easy access to a variety of features and systems in the Honda Odyssey. When passengers sync their smart devices to the Honda CabinControl® system in the Odyssey they are able to control the following areas of the vehicle: 

  • Front audio control 
  • Rear climate control  
  • Rear entertainment system (if equipped) 
  • Navigation (if equipped) 
  • Social playlists 

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If you are having trouble getting your Honda CabinControl® feature set up or want assistance with how it works, come stop by the Battison Honda dealership for help. Are you looking to get behind the wheel of a new Honda Odyssey model? Check out our online inventory to view our current lineup of new Odyssey vehicles today.  

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