How Much is Vehicle Tax in Oklahoma?

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Oklahoma City Tax, Title, License Fees 

Various costs and fees can pop up when buying a vehicle and also throughout your time owning the vehicle. Oklahoma City drivers looking for information on any tax, title, license or registration fees have come to the right place, as our team at Battison Honda has put together this handy guide to vehicle ownership costs. See what fees might pop up when purchasing a vehicle in Oklahoma City below.  

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Oklahoma City License and Learner’s Permit Fee  

If you are looking to get your license or your learner’s permit in Oklahoma City you might be wondering how much doing so will cost you. For a standard Class D license applicants will be charged $38.50 to receive their new license. Learner’s permits will run applicants just $4. Class A and B licenses cost $56,50 and Class C licenses cost $46.50. 

How Much is Transferring a Vehicle Title? 

If you are selling your vehicle or are looking to transfer the vehicle’s title into someone else’s name you should expect to pay a $17 fee at the time of transfer.  

Oklahoma City Vehicle Registration Fees 

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The cost to register a noncommercial vehicle in Oklahoma City actually changes every so often depending on how many years you have owned the vehicle. The breakdown of vehicle registration fees in Oklahoma City are as follows: 

  • 1st through 4th year of registration: $96.00 
  • 5th through 8th year of registration: $86.00 
  • 9th through 12th year of registration: $66.00 
  • 13th through 16th year of registration: $46.00 
  • 17th year and over: $26.00 

Oklahoma City drivers looking to register motorcycles can expect to add an addition $3 to each of the above costs.  

New vs Used Vehicle Tax in Oklahoma City 

The tax rate of a vehicle in Oklahoma City is determined depending on the type of vehicle. New vehicle tax will run shoppers 3.25% of the purchase price, while used vehicle are $20 up to a value of $1,500 in addition to 3.25% of the vehicle’s remaining value.  

Automotive shoppers who are a part of an Oklahoma-based Native American tribe might have different fees or requirements that are specific to the tribe. Many Native American tribes in the state issue their own vehicle tags and registrations. Information around these can be obtained by contacting your tribe’s tax commission.  

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Get all the details on vehicle purchase fees, including tax, title, and license fees in this guide from Battison Honda in Oklahoma City, OK. Come visit our showroom to find your next new vehicle today or to get more information on the costs and fees surrounding purchasing a new vehicle.  

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