Honda Models with Automatic Stop and Start System Feature

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Center Console in 2021 Honda Ridgeline

What Honda Vehicles Have Idle Stop? 

Select vehicles in the Honda lineup feature something Honda calls “Idle Stop.” This feature is similar to a system found in many new vehicles today that is often known as an automatic stop and start system. Many shoppers here at Battison Honda come in wondering what Honda vehicles have Idle Stop and want to know how this system will work in their Honda.  

Our team has put together this guide to give you an overview of the Honda Idle Stop system and how it works, as well as tell you which Honda vehicles offer this feature.  

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Honda Vehicles with Idle Stop 

Closeup of Idle Stop button in Honda Ridgeline

Not all vehicles in the Honda lineup of models offer Idle Stop. Availability of this system may be dependent on vehicle trim and options. Honda models that offer Idle Stop in select trim levels include: 

Why Do Honda Vehicles Have Idle Stop? 

The Idle Stop system is designed to maximize fuel economy while driving from point A to point B. This system will automatically stop the vehicle’s engine in certain circumstances when the vehicle comes to a stop. When the system engages, the indicator on the dashboard will turn green.  

Can I Turn off Idle Stop in a Honda? 

If you prefer to drive without the Idle Stop system on, all you need to do is look for the button located in your center console that is labeled with a capital “A” surrounded by a curved arrow. Pushing this button will turn the Idle Stop system off, but the system will turn on again each time you restart your vehicle, even if you have turned it off the last time you drove. 

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If you have questions about your vehicle’s Idle Stop, visit the Battison Honda service center today for assistance. You can learn more about our equipped Honda vehicles by visiting our research portal for more information.  

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