Honda CabinControl® and Social Playlists Solve the AUX Cord Competition

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How to Set up a Social Playlist with Honda CabinControl® 

If you and your friends are on the road and looking to create a collaborative playlist of music, the Social Playlist feature in the Honda CabinControl® app will come in handy. With this feature, you and the other passengers in your vehicle can connect to CabinControl® and make a playlist out of each other’s music. With the Social Playlist, there’s no more fighting for the AUX cord or Bluetooth® connection, but instead, you can all add your own selection of music to the queue. Find out how to set up a Social Playlist with Honda CabinControl® in your Honda Odyssey below.  

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How to Use a Social Playlist in Honda CabinControl® App 

After you’ve set up everyone’s smart device with the CabinControl® app, adding songs to the Social Playlist queue is easy. Simply open the CabinControl® app and click on the Social Playlist button from the bottom row of buttons. Next, hit “Add Songs” and begin adding songs you want to hear next. Any phone inside the vehicle that is connected to the CabinControl® system is able to use their smart device to send songs to the queue via the CabinControl® app.  

Here’s a closer look at all of the different features in the CabinControl® app that you can use, including the Social Playlist: 

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