What Is Honda Sensing® Suite?

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Known for their reliability and safety, Honda vehicles are equipped with the most advanced safety systems called Honda Sensing® to stay at the forefront of safety and ensure drivers and their families stay protected on the road. Many of our customers ask us, “What is Honda Sensing®? And our answer every time is this, Honda Sensing® is a suite of safety and driver-assist systems that comes standard on all 2022 Honda models. In fact, according to Honda, Honda Sensing® is found on nearly five million Honda vehicles on US roads today. To learn more about Honda Sensing® and what safety features come under it, check out this blog by Battison Honda in Oklahoma City, OK.  

What Safety Features Are Included in Honda Sensing® Suite?  

Honda’s advanced safety technologies set it apart from other car manufacturers. The Honda Sensing® Safety Suite offers the most innovative safety technologies designed to assist drivers in driving safely on Tulsa roads and mitigate the risk of collisions. Here’s what Honda Sensing® includes.   

Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™)   

This safety feature determines your Honda’s distance and closing speed and the vehicle or object ahead of you, alerts you with audio-visual warnings, and even applies mild braking if it senses a possible collision.  

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)   

Integrated with CMBS™, the Forward Collison Warning System uses a monocular camera to detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead and alerts the driver if it detects that a collision is imminent. 

Graph showing Honda Accord with Road Departure Mitigation

Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) with Lane Departure Warning (LDW) 

The Road Departure Mitigation System uses a camera to identify road markings and alerts the driver when the vehicle begins to leave the road.

The system comes with Lane Departure Warning, which alerts the driver when the vehicle leaves a pre-determined lane. According to the road you’re driving on, you can customize this safety feature with Normal, Wide, and Narrow settings.  


Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)  

This feature automatically adjusts steering to keep the vehicle within its lane when it detects that it is drifting away from the center of the lane. It automatically applies steering torque and braking to get the vehicle back into the lane.   

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  

The updated Adaptive Cruise Control system on Honda vehicles not only lets drivers set a desired speed but also allows them to set and maintain a desired following distance from the car ahead.   

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)  

The system uses cameras to detect and read road signs, including the displayed speed limit. It relays the information to the driver to ensure the driver maintains the correct speed limits.  

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More Driver-Assistive Technology  

Apart from these standard Honda Sensing® safety features, there are a few additional Honda Sensing® features available on select models that are designed to help you be a better driver. These include:  

Blind Spot Information System   

When your turn signal is on, this system uses built-in sensors to monitor the area surrounding the Honda vehicle and alert you if a vehicle is detected on either side. It blinks and makes beep sounds until the area is clear or the turn signal is off.  

Cross Traffic Monitor  

Available on select models, the Cross Traffic Monitor works when in reverse with the multi-angle rearview camera engaged in any viewing mode. If it detects traffic approaching from the side, it will alert you with beeps and indicators.  

Auto High-Beam Headlights  

When driving at night at speeds above 25 mph and the headlight level set in low-beam position, the Auto High-Beam Headlights will switch on or off depending on your conditions, including the light around you, traffic, and speed. 

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Find a New Honda with Honda Sensing® Safety Suite in Oklahoma City!  

The best way to experience these features in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area is to visit Battison Honda in Oklahoma City and explore our new Honda inventory. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you learn everything about Honda Sensing® and choose the right Honda that ensures you and your family are safe on the roads.  

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